Becoming a Business Owner..

There are several ways to become your own boss..

1) Build a business around your ideas
2) Build a business around someone else idea
3) Buy a franchise
4) Buy an exciting successful business from someone who’s ready to retire.

Buying a will establish business, with a product or service that will always be needed, and that you can be passionate about, is the one I recommend. There is less risk, and you are more likely be profitable from day one…

Business Ownership

VSBAF has access to a lists of businesses in California ( sometimes in other States) that the owner wishes to sell. We can help a veteran get government loans for 90% of the purchase price, and in some cases, even make it possible to buy a profitable business with only 5% down..

If that interest you, tell us the type of business you would like to own, and our Director George Lanza; owner of Plethora Businesses;