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This section is a list other services that you might need from time to time..

Things like:


Funding Source Free Capital Acquisition Plan

The CAP is a personalized plan to acquire the capital needed to fund the start-up or growth of a small business regardless of industry, location, or time in business. All entrepreneurs who participate in the CAP are guaranteed a minimum of $100,000 to start or grow a business.

More information at
Business Funding Source”

For help contact Rene Farrington at


2) Location fellow veterans.
3) Medical and Dental Insurance.
4) Legal services.
5) Working for Home System
6) Healing Center
7) Website Design service
8) Book to Help Build your business
9) Business Advice
10)High School Student Guide
11) Pr-school Children Eyes
12) Stop Bulling

Checking you preschool child’s eyes, to prevent blindness

The sole purpose of B.V.C… Is to prevent and cure partial or total blindness resulting from amblyopia (lazy eye) through: distributing information to parents, pre-schoolers, children´s homes, etc., on the importance of getting pre-school children’s eyes tested and corrective measures performed by ophthalmologists and other professionals with experience in screening and treating amblyopia.
To continue our program of mass screening of one – to four-year-old children for amblyopia with a digital photoscreener that can be operated by non-medical personnel.
Payment of, or reduction in, the cost of the prescription eyeglasses or lenses required for treatment of underlying eye disorders.

Donate Five to Save a Kid’s Life”

Better Life for Children

I’d like to introduce you to my friend Anita Telle whose mission is to teach acceptance and love to children ages 4 – 9 so they will grow up to be amazing, supportive and loving teenagers, immune to peer pressure and bullying.
Anita Telle also has a story to tell. And it’s an important story; one that touches everyone, everywhere, from every culture. But it is especially important for children:
Being different IS normal. We are all different, in different ways.
Her recent book “The Ultimate Anti-Bullying Solutions Guide: The Sure fire way to STOP Bullying NOW!” crystallizes her mission and her story into a handbook for people who want to be part of the solution.

“Link to more information”

Veterans Medical Service

Do you have Medicare Part A & B?
Then you may be eligible for a Medicare Advantage Plan that includes:
· $0 (zero) monthly premium
· $0 copay for doctor visits and hospitalization
· Prescription Drug Plan
· Gym membership, Acupuncture Office Visits, Vision and Hearing benefits
· No monthly cost to you from a financially solid insurance company.

Interested in learning more? Then, give me a call. I am happy to review the options with you. I’ve been an Insurance Agent for over 10 years and my goal is to provide you with the confidence to make an informed decision.

Agnes Mulloy Independent Insurance Agent; CA License 0E03292
3120 Lake Ctr, Santa Ana CA 92704 
P: 714-489-5029 /C: 925-216-5292/ F: 714-377-9780;
Email: “Agnes Mulloy”

Here to serve our Veterans

Books to help build your future.

1) What You Should Know Before Getting out of High SchoolLife After High School

I’d like to introduce you to my dear friends, Rene and Noel, co-authors of Life After High School; The Blueprint. They wrote this book because there are so many topics that are not talked about or taught under the Education Curriculum. As we seen many go through high school and different transitions in their lives, unsure of what steps to take, they knew, writing this book would be a great idea. Their goal was to make LAHS: The Blueprint under 100 pages and straight to the point! They hope this book will help young adults in making it through this next stage of their life. From deciding whether to go to college, to buying their first house!

“Link to more information”

2) The Makings of a MillionaireThe Makings of a Millionaire

You can order “The Makings of a Millionaire” by Rallie Rallis
for $25 including shipping within the USA, with 100% of the net proceeds
going to Veterans Small Business Association foundation to help our veterans.

Business Building Advice from Paul Hoyt
Be Brilliant, Grow, Inspire, Thrive! Build A Stronger Business And Become A Better YOU!

Paul believe that we all go through three or four different levels when it comes to building and creating our own businesses, as well as in becoming the person that we can be. We struggle through the first level, and come into some level of competence in the second leve, moving into excellence at level three. It’s after we’ve had excellence that we’re left with this AWAKENING – a greater awareness, or a higher consciousness. It’s a new level of objectivity and perception.

“He invite you to join his “The Awakened CEO Program” – At No Charge and No Strings
and begin today as his Special Guest!” ~ Paul Hoyt

The Awakened CEO uses a FIVE-STEP PROCESS

Step One: Set the Vision: This process looks at your overall, big picture. It does more than that – it helps you DEFINE your big picture, both for your business and for you personally.

Step Two: Know Your Status: Stop the crazy busy activities and understand both the stage of business you’re in, and where you want to go.

Step Three: Make Your Plan: How do you expect to get where you want to go if you don’t know how the heck you’re going to get there?

Step Four: Gather Your Resources: The first three steps have helped honed this list, and given you the steps and the strategies to go get what you need.

Step Five: Execute and Follow-up Tenaciously: Implement. Take Massive Action. Begin with a RELENTLESS PURSUIT OF FINANCIAL STABILITY.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Paul

Funding Source

If you need capital to start or expand your business, Sunwise Capital is your source..

They will offer their performance-based model that makes fair financing available to thousands of well-run businesses that just miss the cut for traditional bank loans. They will analyze the volume of cash flow in your business, which is a better indicator of your company’s financial health than your personal credit score. This allows them to lend to businesses that would otherwise be locked out of fairly priced capital. By changing the evaluation process, Sunwise Capital has made it easy for you to receive loan at fair rates.

Learn more at… “Credit Wise”..

Staying in Contact with other Veterans..

The advantage of staying in contact with other veterans is the ability to share experience as civilians, and learn about income opportunities..

Become a member of Unite US at “HERE”.. It’s FREE


US Veteran, Gino Dominic Nardo, a Southern California artist, has been experimenting with a variety of mediums since 1977. Now seeking out new avenues to deliver his unique creative vision…paintings, drawings, three-dimensional, multi-medium, and glass and ceramic vases all have been explored and proven fruitful. Through years of playful concentration, experiments and creative victories Gino continues to produce unique original works of art.
Creating these works of art is a gift of expression. It cannot be taught or taken from you.
To extract this feeling from within myself is one of the wonderful fulfilling experiences of my life. There is not a day that goes by when I’m not creating an actual piece of art or creating it within myself. I hope you enjoy this artwork in your life as much as I have in mine creating them.

“Read about his work”

Low Cost Medical & Dental Plan..

AmeraPlan has a unique dental plan with up to 80 percent savings through their network of 29,000 plus Dentists. This plan costs only $19.95 a month for a family and $14.95 a month for an individual. The plan also includes discounts on vision, chiropractic and prescriptions. They also have a business plan available for individuals interested in residual income.

If you like to learn go to “HERE”

Drug Free Treatment

Grace Center for Healing…first complete treatment center and hospital specializing in traumatic brain injury, addiction and behavioral therapies, without the use of drugs.
For more information “HERE”

Legal Insurance…

You are more likely to need legal advice, for either personal or business matters, then end up in a hospital..

Such insurance coverage is available through-out the USA, at a low monthly cost through Legal Shield. You can get family and/or business insurance.

Legal Shield provides plans and services that help you stay on top of the issues and concerns you face everyday. On this “Site”, you will find information about the plans and services available to you.

Intellectual Property Support

JP Webb, An Intellectual Property Law Firm has provided the following free resources for you in starting and running your business(found in the blog section).

(a) Five Free Things Every Business Should be Doing…
(b) Reverse Engineering Requests…

Every business has intellectual property and there are some free things you should be doing that will help protect it. Get the guide to that free protection here.

Business is all about connections and communication. If you are effective and efficient at asking for help, you can grow your business faster. See here for a technique for building effective and efficient requests using the technique of Reverse Engineering.

If you have questions about intellectual property, Jason Webb, Esq. of JP Webb is a referral attorney for Legal Shield (you can talk with him for free if you are a member and request to talk with him about an intellectual property issue, a regular at “Law QA” or you can go to “J P Webb”and contact him directly.

Protect Your Business By Establishing a Due Diligence Process

Are you the decision maker in your business? Do you make decisions based on the recommendations of others? Do you make decisions to engage someone for a service based solely on the information you found on their website?

Would you like to make educated and informed decisions for your business? The easiest and fastest way to making informed decisions is to have a due diligence process in place for your business.

Due Diligence is more than just checking the numbers and verifying the legal documents. Due Diligence is about PEOPLE! If you don’t know the people you are getting involved with you are placing your business at risk. Is the Service Provider (consultant, coach, partner, investor, CEO etc) who they say they are and can they do what they say they can do? How do you know?

Due Diligence:

*Mitigates risk
*Identifies the questions you need to know before entering into any agreement
*Gives you the answers you need (or identifies the gaps) to make informed decisions for your business.
*Saves you time and money
*Protects you, your team, and your investors
*Filters out those trying to take advantage of your business

Get your FREE preview of our Do-it-Yourself Due Diligence Kit, which includes a guide to establishing a Due Diligence Process for your business. Go to “HERE” and protect your business TODAY!

Know What To Do Before A Disaster Strike…Disaster Planning

When disaster does strike, it’s vital that you’re prepared.  “Recovery Works Consulting” offer Business Continuity Planning services, in order to analyze the threats that face your business, develop bespoke recovery strategies in light of those risks, and create response and recovery plans so you can continue to serve your customers while your business recuperates.
It isn’t just technological failures that their plans account for, either. They consider the impact that cyber-attacks, extreme weather, fire, theft, and illness can have on your business, and factor them into your response and recovery plans accordingly. Every plan that they design is tailor-made, in order to reflect your organization’s unique requirements.
To further discuss your individual Business Continuity Planning needs, get in touch with the RecoveryWorks Team. Mohammed Chughtai MBCI
Managing Director RecoveryWorks Consulting
US Phone +1562 320 9479

Work From Home

Workplace Technologies Corporation (WTC), a small computer systems consulting firm based in Long Beach, California with 20 years experience in the home workplace – launched “Home Workplace Central” (HWC) to help armed services veterans work from home while running almost any kind of business.

HWC provides an integrated software package optimized for veteran users, including those with handicaps, expert general business management advice, mentoring with popular lines of business, co-op purchasing, co-op financing and the ability to join a commonwealth of other business-owning veterans.

HWC makes all of this available at $50/month for veterans.

The Winning Formula for Success

A Powerful Life-Changing Technology for Wealth & Abundance is offered by
our friend Sandra Galvagny, CEO, Surya Triangle LLC

You can access the exercises from the workshop “HERE” at anytime – Free Gift to you:

The goal at Surya Success™ is to make it simple for you to overcome stress and create success in your life.

Website Services

Blaster Website Services provides not only affordable website design service, but help in promoting your business. You can access their site “HERE”

Their web development team can help with all things related to web. They specialize in website development, and make most of their clients website in Word-press, which is a user friendly platform, and the templates are reflexive, which means your site will be seen well on all devices and browsers.

Their pricing can be found “HERE”

Transmission of life, fortune and honor

Dr. David R. Duringer, Attorney with Protective Law Corporation
mission is the transmission of life, fortune and honor, for the preservation of family power.
Though he is not a veteran, he grew up around military and continue to have contact with active military and LEOs and veterans thereof due to the free firearm training. He’s target market is estate planning practice.
He is also marketing a low-cost “Corporate Shield” program to get familiar with more local businesses, as there is a lot he can do for them. He is happy to work with veterans transitioning into small business.

 David is offering veterans, their families, plus anyone else thousands of dollars worth of free training he provide just for attending his free estate planning seminar.  You can sign up “HERE”

David Duringer can be reach at Protective Law Corporation 23272 Mill Creek Dr Ste 250, Laguna Hills, CA  92653. DIRECT: 949-215-9995 

Guide for High School Students

The perfect navigational guide to help students plan their next step after high school, all the way to buying your first house! Get you copy of the guide book “HERE”

If you need help or have questions about the resources or income opportunities found on this site, contact us at