It is the mission of Veterans Small Business Association Foundation (VSBAF.ORG) to be the Champions for our Veterans, by providing resources, information, training, and coaching to transition and empower them, so they can transform their lives, and have their own business if they like.

We consider ourselves as “Solution Providers for Veteran Transitioning”

Whether it’s supplemental income and/or an opportunity to teach veterans about business ownership, while getting their degree, the goal is for veterans to be prepared on both sides of the income spectrum.

They have served our country with honor and kept us safe, and now it’s their turn to have a piece of the American dream.

Our goal is to help our veterans select a business that is best suited for them.

Through a network of business coaches and entrepreneurs, they will receive training and guidance to develop the skills needed to be successful in today’s economy.

The staff, coaches and volunteers of VSBAF.ORG will be available to assist those in the program to reach their goal.

Many foundations, and group are committed to give back to our military personnel. Hear Gary Sinise’s message.

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