Business Start Ups

What you don’t know

According to Sofia…There are many people that simply don’t have a clue about the differences between an establish business and a new start-up Business.

Business Start up
In a well establish business most things are sorted out and everything are properly organized, however this are simply not true for a new business. Since there are many things which are still uncertain and which must still be optimized….this can put a tremendous amount of pressure on the business owner since there are many things that are still uncertain.

Each and every day the business owner will encounter situations that are totally foreign and which has to be figured out as he goes along as there simply are prescribed way in which to handle those situations, since they have never been encounter before. And this is what makes a new business so risky, there are simply so many unknown factors which mostly cannot be predicted and therefore the owner are left with no other choice but to handle them as they come and whatever decisions are made are many times not the best. There is where a business coach or mentor can be of help.

Build a Team

Many investors have started large companies and then they have employed managers with many years of experience, but all of that experience did not prepare them for the uncertainties of that new business. They were exactly in the same position as the average new business owner and they all had to learn from scratch. That does not mean that experience has no benefit it’s just that the new business has its own growth pains and each business will come through that start-up period in its own way.

The best thing that the owner of a new business can do is to make the best of the situation and to make the best possible decision as different situations arise.

Predicting the Future

There are no way in which any business owner can predict or anticipate all the things that might happen, and it may even happen that a decision that works well the one day, may not be so effective the next day. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to improvise as you go along. New business owners often have no other choice, but to run that business on a trial and error basis.

Any start up business will depend critically upon the feedback which will be received from customers, since this often the most important indicator of how they are doing with this new business.

Any new business are only as successful as their customer say that they are. Therefore it is vital that every opportunity be used to collect as much customer feedback as possible, since this will be vital in order to fine tune that business to ensure that it becomes even more successful.

Using Surveys and Questionnaires

Use surveys and questionnaires to gather information from your customers…even offer an incentive for completing the survey..

Why Businesses Failure

Some reasons why businesses fail miserably

Because there are very few good jobs, many Veterans are turning to building their own business. They
have several opportunities…such as franchises, direct product marketing, offering service to existing businesses, even buying an established business where the owner is ready to retire…

Whatever way you decide to go, you’ll want to understand why a business can fail.

Small Business Failure

Through the years we observe businesses who start out with a lot off fanfare and excitement and then within a couple of years you are unable to find the slightest sign that business ever existed. This is often the fate of as many as 70% of businesses, who will simply never go on to become well-established and successful.

When the statistics are properly analyzed a very interesting picture emerges….

Businesses which have not made it, and who have fallen by the wayside have one thing quickly apparent. The fact is they often lacked a compelling vision or the one which they had was simply insufficient to be sufficiently motivating. The moment problems arose they simply lacked the drive to press on until success is achieved. Solomon wrote; without a vision the people perish>

It has been seen over and over again throughout history….to avoid failure don’t give up on your dream. Keep you vision in front of you and your employees all the time. Change with market changes, but don’t give up….

What is Your Carrot

All people and businesses need to have that carrot, which is held in front of the donkey’s nose. Without a strong vision and purpose, there is no motivation and there is no drive. When the slightest bit of opposition is encountered one gives up long before their objective is achieved.

This reminds me of the tower of Babel…as long as everyone was united and shared one purpose nothing could stop them. The moment that unity was destroyed the people scattered and the vision was forgotten.

The same principle applies to every business and every person who aspires to become something greater and bigger in their lives….they need to have a picture that is bigger than themselves, and which is bigger than every obstacle and every hindrance which they may encounter.

Picture Your Success

When you have a picture in your heart of your goal; which is painted in 3D Technicolor;…and displaying an amazing future, then absolutely nothing that could come in your way would ever keep you away from achieving your objective.

Most people are never able to create that picture vividly enough, because they simply do not believe that they are worthy to achieve greatness. They simply do not believe they are valuable enough as a person.

They knew not that every single person enters this world exactly the same way, naked and defenseless, and all people exit this world the same way…..and they can take absolutely nothing with them. The truth is whatever happens to us while we are here has a lot to do with how we choose to look at those things that happen to us.

Just like the team work that makes are military personnel great, team work is important in all businesses. When you look at any business think about the team you need to build. One that has
skills, and talent you don’t have. Get a business coach and mentor with the experience to help
you avoid business errors, and if you run into a problem your mentor will know who can help you..

Talk with a “Veterans Small Business Association” adviser for help in selecting the right business opportunity, and get some mentoring..

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