Investing in Yourself

Business Success

Business Success

As an entrepreneur, we are responsible for own success. We are always in learning mode, from the newest software to the latest social media platform; entrepreneurs need to be on their game

According to Andrew Clapton Business Success requires you to learn and apply skills of an entrepreneurs. He suggests you….

Invest in yourself using these six ways:

1 – Buy a Book – Books are an inexpensive way to expand our minds. You would be surprised the amazing inspiration that can be found while perusing the bookstore.

2 – Learn a New Skill – By learning a new skill, you can add to the services you offer. With technology, you can take classes right from your computer.

3 – Attend Leadership Conferences – By attending leadership conferences in your industry, not only can you learn from the speakers, but you expand your network. It is a amazing what we can learn from one another.

4 – Join a Mastermind – A mastermind group is a great way to step out of the box. Sometimes we can stay stuck in our comfortable box, therefore, limiting our growth.

5 – Take a Vacation – Sometimes we can get so busy running the business that we get burnt out. Take a break, even if it is for a weekend. When you return, you will be full of creative energy and ready to tackle new projects.

6 – Read a Magazine – There are so many great magazines out on the shelves today. You can find one on just about any topic from Entrepreneurship to Self-Help.

Stick to books and magazines for your personal development if you are on a budget. Then, when your budget allows, start attending conferences and mastermind groups.

The Makings of a MillionaireA book you’ll find helpful is “The Makings of a Millionaire”, by Rallie Rallis