Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering Requests

Being a good entrepreneur is all about connecting with the right people andConnect being clear in your requests. Here is a simple method J.P. Webb recommends for making short concise requests to
other people. The process works backwards from what you want, to what you need to
say to attract it.

Getting what you want

If you’ve ever done a maze backwards and been amazed at how much easier it is, this works along the same principles.
Answer the following four questions in the following order:
1. What is the one thing that I want to receive next?
2. What “search terms” can I use to describe the kind of person who can get me
what I want?
3. Why does the person I described in question 2 want to talk with me?
4. What are the best, credible facts I can say about my project or myself that will
lead my listener to conclude that the person I described in question 2 wants to
talk with me?

Introducing Yourself

Start by introducing yourself with the facts from question 4. Only say the very best
ones. Keeping it short, simple and easy to understand.
Next you transition to your request by saying something like “I am looking for”
Then you say the search terms from question 2.
Then you either shush and wait for help or end with something like, “Who do you

Simple Hypothetical Example

Answer the questions:
1. I want to receive help with choosing the name of my company.
2. Creative, experience with branding, professional
3. I might end up being a good customer for them in the future
4. I am the CEO and I’ve raised $20,000 in seed capital for my company, I know
that my product needs a good name in order to sell it, I have ideas for eight
other products that I want to run through my company and they will need names

Go for the Close

Now, put it all together:
Hi, I am the CEO of a new consumer products company. We just finished our $20,000
raise and it is time to pick a brand for our first product. I know we have to pick a
really good name that will help our product sell. Plus we have almost ten other
products in the works and we will need branding for them, too. I’m looking for a
creative and experienced branding professional. Who do you know.