Why enrollment in VA Healthcare is so important!

VA Healthcare

Has anyone recommended you enrolled in VA Healthcare, but didn’t tell you why. Will I am. The VA is the perfect safety net for veterans, in the event of the of a catastrophic diagnosis or injury.

Jane Babcock had the family of a twenty something veteran call her office from the ER.Hospitalized Veteran 312 x 226Their son suffered a TBI in a motorcycle accident, had no insurance, and was going to need on-going care. Fortunately when he came to the office to register his DD-214 the year before, he also filled out a VA Healthcare application. Since the VA had already verified his service, all Jane needed to do was call the Patient Advocate at the nearest VA Medical Center, and the VA stepped in.

While in a life threatening status the VA paid the hospital bills. Once he was stable the VA arranged for his transfer to the VA hospital (an hour away) until he was strong enough to move to his parents’ home. Due to his need for near daily PT and inability to travel without special transportation, the VA authorized the payments for his PT and on-going care at the local civilian facilities. Jane often tells veterans; who say they don’t want to bother applying since they have insurance or feel their fellow veterans need it more; it is hard for me to fill-out the form or possibly even locate your DD-214 if you are unconscious in the ER.

Do you need another reason

The second reason is to show the VA and federal budget people where the greatest potential needs for care are. When the economy tanked the VA, as most federal agencies, was unprepared for the number of veterans who needed their services. It’s important the all veterans help the VA start determining a better plan for the future for all of us.

Don’t let the resent news of the VA healthcare system stop you from enrolling, even if you’re in good health today.